Silver Fish Ninja: FAQ & Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Silverfish Ninja do?
The Silverfish Ninja tackles the silverfish problem by successfully simulating a feeding and breeding place, which attracts the silverfish into the trap and makes them stick to the adhesive layer.

What makes the Silverfish Ninja better than other traps?
The Silverfish Ninja distinguishes itself from other traps. It is more effective because the tablet is made from natural ingredients and other materials. This has also further reduced the environmental footprint.

Where should I place the Silverfish Ninja?
Silverfish are often found in humid spaces such as a bathroom or kitchen. Place the Silverfish Ninjas in these spaces in a quiet spot where they can’t be moved easily, not even by your child or pet. Place the Ninja against a wall and let it do its work. Write the placement date on the Ninja so you know when it’s time to replace the trap: within 3 months at the latest!

Is the product toxic?
No, the glue and tablet are non-toxic.

What if my child swallows something?
Ninjas are non-toxic, however the glue may have collected some dust, so it may help to rinse with plenty of water. The tablet is food-based and will not pose a risk if swallowed. Since small parts can always pose a suffocation risk, stick the tablet firmly unto the adhesive layer of the trap.

Does the product smell?
No, the product is odorless, especially when it is placed on the floor.

Is it eco-friendly?
Our Ninjas offer a better alternative to the environment than many products that have been sold by major market leaders for years. That is why we have a positive impact on the environment, because our products cause less pollution. We continue to develop so we can keep the environmental footprint to an absolute minimum.

How does it work?

1) Unfold the Ninja and remove the foil
2) Place the tablet firmly on the center of the adhesive layer 3) Fold the Ninja like a house and place it in a quiet spot near the problem area. That’s it!


For maximum result with the Silverfish Ninja we advise you to follow our tips:

  1. Silverfish are known to be very aware of their environment. So the best tip we can give you: don’t move the Silverfish Ninja! Leave it in exactly the same place, this prevents the bugs from smelling trouble and avoiding that location for a while. Less chance of getting caught, lower success rate. We recommend you place the Ninja against the wall, and make sure that when you replace the Ninja after a couple of months with a fresh package, you should place it in the same place. The bugs will keep coming.
  2. Which leads us to the second tip: continue to combat the silverfish throughout the year. New silverfish will regularly appear on cavity walls, under laminate flooring and in other holes and cracks. So prevent the problem from becoming too big by continuously combatting the silverfish and catching them before they appear on your counter or in your bed.
  3. Our second tip leads to the third tip: be sure you have enough traps. To avoid running out of Silverfish Ninja’s, we offer a subscription which allows you to receive new Silverfish Ninja’s on a regular basis, through the mail.
  4. Finally, our last tip, it is best to write the placement date on the Ninja itself, so you know exactly how long it has been in use and when it needs to be replaced, within 3 months at the latest!