Silver Fish Ninja

Our Ninjas meet the highest quality standards and modern requirements. We not only offer ecological alternatives, we also ensure that our products are the best in their segment. We have achieved this by developing products that are intuitive, easy-to-use and affordable.

After all, our goal is: consumers make a conscious choice for our Ninjas and ignore polluting and/or chemical alternatives because they support our mission to green pest control.


The Silverfish Ninja is a very effective solution for catching silverfish in a non-toxic manner.


This trap with a tablet mimics a feeding and hiding place for silverfish. As soon as they enter the trap they stick to the adhesive layer.

1) Unfold and remove the foil
2) Place the tablet in the middle
3) Close the Ninja and place it close to problem area

That’s it!


This product contains no active substances that kill silver fish. This trap works purely on a mechanical basis. The silver fish are die of exhaustion or old age.


Silverfish love humid spaces and are often found in bathrooms, kitchens and areas with a washer or dryer.

A Silver Fish Ninja lasts up to 3 months

The Silver Fish Ninja is made of Craft paper and can be thrown away with the paper waste.

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