Plant Fly Ninja: FAQ & Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Plant Fly Ninja do?
Plant Fly Ninja is an effective method to get rid of swarming plant flies, also known as little black flies/fungus gnats. These flies are not only annoying, they also affect the plants themselves. Use the Plant Fly Ninja to prevent this from happening. The yellow color attracts the flies, they stick to the adhesive tape and can’t fly away anymore.

What makes Plant Fly Ninja better than other traps?
The Ninja comes in the shape of a beautiful flower, so it’s nice to look at. In addition, our yellow Ninjas are made from recycled plastic.

Where should I place the Plant Fly Ninja?
Insert the bottom part of the Ninja into the plant pot, at least one Ninja per room, but the best advice is one Ninja per plant pot or pot, this way you reduce the chance that the little black flies lay eggs and thus infect the plant roots with the larvae. You can also prevent pest infestation by using multiple Ninjas at the same time, but don’t waste the Ninjas so keep a close eye on how much they catch and you can determine the need for more or less Ninjas.

Is the product toxic?
No, the product is completely non-toxic and also contains no active substances that kill bugs. The bugs die of old age and exhaustion because they stick to the adhesive layer.

Does the product smell?
No, the product is completely odorless. The little black flies are attracted by the yellow color of the Ninja.

Is it eco-friendly?
Yes, this product is made from recycled plastic, therefore is conscious about the environment and has a smaller environmental footprint compared to other products. That’s why we ask you to throw the product away with the plastic waste.

How does it work?
The little black flies (fungus gnats) are attracted by the yellow color of the Ninja. When they land on the Ninja with its sticky adhesive layer, the flies can’t fly away and that’s how you get rid of the nuisance as well as the chance of reproduction.


The flies that hover around plants are known as little black flies. They are not only a nuisance for people at home but their larvae usually feed on the roots of the plants. Prevent the flies from laying eggs by placing at least one Plant Fly Ninja in one plant pot per room. The yellow color of the Ninja attracts the flies, they land on the adhesive tape and can’t fly away anymore. This prevents them from reproducing and their larvae cannot affect the roots of the plants.

A second tip is to regularly check whether the Plant Fly Ninja still sticks well, this might have been reduced by the many flies that have already been caught, but also by swirling dust that sticks to the adhesive layer. This reduces the effect of the product. The best thing you can do is to throw away the strip with the plastic waste and place a new Ninja in the plant pot.