Mouse Ninja

Our Ninjas meet the highest quality standards and modern requirements. We not only offer ecological alternatives, we also ensure that our products are the best in their segment. We have achieved this by developing products that are intuitive, easy-to-use and affordable.

After all, our goal is: consumers make a conscious choice for our Ninjas and ignore polluting and/or chemical alternatives because they support our mission to green pest control.


The Mouse Ninja is a mousetrap based on an ancient and proven method that kills mice quickly and effectively. We believe that mice indoors have to be killed because they can spread serious disease. It is truly important to keep the number of mice under control as their population is growing rapidly. Catching mice alive only shifts the problem elsewhere and cannot be a sustainable solution. Scientific research shows time and again that electric mouse deterrents simply don’t work.


The Mouse Ninja is based on the classic mousetrap. Whenever the rodent tries to eat the bait on the Ninja, the mousetrap snaps shut and the mouse dies a quick death.

1) Spread a bit of bait (peanut butter, for example) on the small wooden movable part

2) Tighten the bracket and insert the long pin above the bracket in the eye of the small wooden movable part

3) Place the Ninja with the impact direction against the wall in a well-sheltered location close to the nuisance

That’s it!


The Mouse Ninja is made of responsibly-produced wood and metal, and no plastics at all have been used in its construction.


Mice are particularly prevalent in older houses. Keep your house as clean as possible and try to close gaps and little openings through which mice can find a way indoors with steel wool, for example. Always place the Ninja at a sheltered location close to the nuisance and out of reach of children and pets. We would advise you always to place both the Ninjas supplied in the packaging to increase the chance of catching a mouse. Should the mouse nuisance persist, engage a pest control professional to resolve the problem.

The Ninja can be reused, but can also be thrown into the rubbish bin together with the mouse it caught.

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