Ant problem? This is how you remove the nest and get rid of those ants!

Are ants taking over your kitchen or garden? Black ants, red ants, flying ants: they appear out of nowhere and it seems like their colony is never ending. One pressing question remains: how to get rid of those ants? Where do ants come from? What attracts them? And how can you remove the nest. Discover the best DIY solutions and the best tips to prevent and control ants.

How many types of ants are there?

Did you know that worldwide there are more than 12000 ant species? Depending on the type of ant, a nest exists out of 80 to 1.000.000 ants. The most common ant is the black ant, officially called Lasius niger.

Where do the ants come from suddenly?

Most ants live in the ground. They will crawl out of their nest looking for food, which they will then bring to their nest to feed the others. Ants love sweetness – like lemonade, syrup and other food scraps. They will try to find their way into your house, as there they will find everything that they need. They will easily crawl in through little gaps or cracks.

What time of year do ants appear?

As soon as it becomes a bit warmer, ants will leave their nest looking for food. Often this happens early in the spring. It’s hard to tell until what time ‘ant season’ will last. As they are looking for warmer places, you might experience more nuisance in the winter as they will settle into your house.

How do ants reproduce?

Ants live in colonies, including a queen, males and workers. In the spring the queen starts to look for a high spot to attract male ants. The male ant that can fly the highest will mate with the queen. Afterwards the queen will look for a new nest or a nest to take over. There she will start to lay eggs continuously. During the queen will be fed by the workers. Depending on the species, it will take 10 to 12 days before the eggs will hatch. Then it will take another 20 to 38 days before the larvae will become adult ants. The queen forms the leader of the nest. In most cases a nest has one queen, but there are also species where nests include more than one queen. An ant nest can stay active up to 20 years.

Are ants dangerous or harmful?

Ants are quite useful insects. They will catch other insects and remove dead ones. However, having ants in or around the house can cause some harmful side effects. They can ruin your terrace and cause damage to your house. Ants will enter your kitchen cabinets and spread bacteria in your food. Also, the red ants can bite, leaving painful and swollen spots on your skin.

4 tips to get rid of ants

Preventing an ant problem is of course better than solving one. To keep ants out of your home, there are several things you can do.

1. Clean thoroughly

Ants enter your house looking for food and sweetness. Clean your kitchen and living room thoroughly and make sure they can’t find any.  

2. Store food away properly

Make sure to store food and drinks away properly. Use airtight containers, so ants won’t be lured into your kitchen by the smell of food.

3. Choose a bin with a self-closing lid

Also in your garbage bin, ants will find a huge food supply. Make sure your bin is always closed. Use one with a self-closing lid and empty the trash in time.

4. Close off gaps and cracks

By closing off gaps and cracks, you will make it harder for ants to enter your house looking for food.

3 ways to control ants

Has the damage already been done and are the ants taking over your kitchen or garden? There are several ways to get rid of the ants and to remove the nest.

1. Throw them of the track: DIY solution

Have you ever noticed that ants are always walking in one straight line? This is because they follow a scent trail that they leave for each other. It’s quite easy to break this trail and throw them of the track. Clean the floor thoroughly with soap or lay down some coffee grounds on the trail.


  • Immediate result: fewer ants will enter your home

  • You don’t need any chemical substances


  • The ants are still looking for a way in, as the nest will remain

  • Ants can easily make a new scent trail

2. Use a spray to get rid of the ants

There are various sprays on the market to control ants, both to use inside as outside. You can use these sprays in the cracks and gaps where ants enter your house or where they crawl around frequently. The effect of the spray last 4 to 6 weeks.


  • The cause of the problem is not being tackled: the nest remains

  • The sprays are often toxic and harmful for the environment

3. Use the sustainable bait box from Super Ninja

Super Ninja offers an effective and sustainable bait box, made of recycled metal. The attractant in the bait box contains a more eco-friendly poison, the same that is being used in organic farming. The ants take the toxic attractant to their nest, where they and the other ants will eat it. As a result, the entire nest will die within 3 weeks.


  • Immediately effective in removing the entire ant nest

  • Easy to use and can be placed discretely

Would you like to know more about the sustainable ant bait box?

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