Catching fruit flies?
This way you will finally get rid of all those fruit flies.

Tiny flies, hovering around in your kitchen or living room? Suddenly they are there: fruit flies. First there were only a few, but it became an entire invasion in no time. Where do these tiny flies come from? How can you prevent a plague? And in case the harm has already been done, how do you control the fruit fly problem? Learn all you need to know about fruit flies and discover easy ways to get rid of them. We share effective DIY-solutions and tips for the best fruit fly control products.

What attracts fruit flies the most?

Fruit flies have a very strong sense of smell. The smell of alcohol, produced by ripe fruit, attract the fruit flies like a magnet. However – though the name might suggest otherwise – fruit flies are not only attracted by fruit; they like a lot more. They love coffee-grounds, beer and wine, rotten vegetables, dead flowers, and juice.

What time of year do fruit flies appear?

Mostly with warm weather fruit flies will appear, so during the spring and summer. Especially with temperatures between 21 and 25 degrees Celsius fruit flies flourish.

How fast do fruit flies multiply?

Fruit flies reproduce rapidly. They lay between 400 and 800 eggs in one month. With the right temperature – between 21 and 25 degrees – their eggs will hatch within one day. The larvae will feed themselves with the ripe fruit and will turn into mature fruit flies within 8 to 11 days. After that, they will live for about a month. So be careful: these tiny flies can soon become a huge problem!

Are fruit flies dangerous or harmful?

Though the little flies seem harmless, this isn’t entirely the case. Just like any other fly, fruit flies can spread bacteria onto fruit and other foodstuffs. This is not only unhygienic but can also cause health problems. Due to fruit flies, fruit will go bad in no time. Also, the little flies, hovering around the house, can be quite annoying.  

5 tips to prevent a fruit fly problem

Preventing a fruit fly problem is of course better than solving one. Wondering how? With these steps you can prevent fruit flies from taking over your kitchen.

1. Make sure your kitchen and tables are clean

Clean the surfaces, where you prepare or consume food and drinks, regularly, to make sure there are no tracks of food scraps or spilled drinks attracting (new) fruit flies.

2. Eat fruit before it’s too ripe or store it in the fridge

The smell of ripe fruits attracts fruit flies like a magnet. Eat your fruit in time or store it in the fridge, safely out of the reach of fruit flies!

3. Keep your fruit in an airtight container

Do you prefer to keep your fruit outside the fridge? Use a basket that you can close properly or an airtight container, to make sure fruit flies can’t reach the fruit and lay new eggs in it.

4. Be aware of garbage and empty bottles

Try to separate food scraps from other garbage and choose a bin that you can close properly. Also be aware of empty bottles. Clean them before you store them away.

5. Keep fruit flies at distance with an herbal plant

Fruit flies don’t like the smell of mint, citronella, lavender, and thyme. Placing one of these plants in your kitchen can help you to keep the fruit flies at distance.  

3 ways to control your fruit fly problem

Has the harm already been done and are the fruit flies starting to take over your entire kitchen? There are several ways to control the fruit fly problem. Luckily, this can also be done with sustainable and safe pest control products.

1. Make your own DIY fruit fly trap

It is quite easy to make your own fruit fly trap. Take a plastic container and fill it with a little layer of syrup, yeast, fruit juice and vinegar. Use the lid or some foil to cover the container and poke little holes in it. The tiny fruit flies will enter the trap through the little holes, after which it will be challenging for them to find their way out.


  • The DIY fruit fly trap is easy to make

  • You don’t need to use chemical ingredients


  • The DIY fruit fly trap can look rather unappetizing

  • The sweet substance can attract more fruit flies

  • There are always some flies that will find their way out

2. Use sprays to control fruit flies

A quick and effective solution to control fruit flies is using a spray. With a spray you can kill a lot of fruit flies at once. There are several brands that sell sprays to control fruit flies.


  • Sprays contain chemical ingredients and are harmful for the environment.

  • The sprays will affect your fruit and aren’t entirely safe to use in the kitchen.

  • The benefit of killing the fruit flies doesn’t outweigh the harmful side effects.

3. Use the sustainable fruit fly trap from Super Ninja

Super Ninja offers a very effective and sustainable fruit fly trap, made from recycled plastic. The right mix of natural ingredients will lure the fruit flies right into the trap, without attracting new ones. A smart product design increases the effect. Due to the handy adhesive strip, the tiny trap can be placed discretely in a strategic spot - for instance behind the fridge.


  • Very effective and easy to use and place

  • You catch most fruit flies within a single day

  • Sustainable, food grade and safe to use

  • Small trap can be places discretely out of sight

Do you want to know more about Super Ninja’s fruit fly trap?

About Super Ninja – Sustainable pest control

Super Ninja believes that sustainable and responsible pest control should be todays’ standard. Effective to remove nuisance, safe for people, pets, and the environment.

Due to a lack of sustainable pest control products and as a result of his own frustrations, in 2014, our founder Ferdinand developed our first product: the Fruit Fly Ninja.

While he was trapped at home with a knee injury - surrounded by fruit flies – he discovered how natural ingredients can be just as effective as chemical ones. Especially when combined into an innovative product design.

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