Fruit Fly Ninja

Our Ninjas meet the highest quality standards and modern requirements. We not only offer ecological alternatives, we also ensure that our products are the best in their segment. We have achieved this by developing products that are intuitive, easy-to-use and affordable.

After all, our goal is: consumers make a conscious choice for our Ninjas and ignore polluting and/or chemical alternatives because they support our mission to green pest control.


The #1 fruit fly trap

The solution against fruit flies in the shape of a small and discreet trap. It is a natural product that excels in effectiveness, user-friendliness and environmental friendliness.


The Fruit Fly Ninja simulates very successfully a feeding and breeding place, so the flies crawl in quickly, but subsequently they cannot find the exit anymore. It works entirely on a mechanical basis and contains no active substances that kill the flies.

1) Remove the cap
2) Remove the foil from the tape
3) Stick the Ninja close to the problem area

That’s it!

The natural liquid only contains food products, is completely non-toxic and is not deadly to fruit flies. The flies die of exhaustion or old age.


Fruit Fly Ninja is used both by consumers (at home) as well as by companies, for example supermarkets, greengrocers and the hospitality industry. We are proud of our #1 position in the Netherlands!


A Fruit Fly Ninja will last up to 30 days.

The Fruit Fly Ninja is made of biodegradable and recycled plastic and can be thrown away with the plastic waste.

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“This little bottle is amazing, not just for businesses but at home. No need to use smelly fly sprays, just open and pop one of these little babies on the counter. Could not believe how many fruit flies were in it at the end of the day.”

                                                                            Tania Obaid, 02-03-2018

“I gave it a go when the guys gave me a freebie one and had no great hopes. How wrong I was. I ordered a box straight away when the little bottle was full of the critters the next day and there were no Fruit Flies around the recycle green waste. Great size, non intrusive, nobody notices the bottle is there and (even better) nobody sees fruit flies around their drinks, food or on windows. A big THANK YOU to Glenn for getting me onto this little legend.”

                                                                             Partick Kirk, 28-02-2018

“Had a huge problem with fruit flies in my office around our plants. Fruit Fly Ninja worked incredibly well and we noticed a huge difference in just 2-3 days. Would definitely recommend.” 

                                                                        Debbie Linskey, 03-12-2017



“Wow! What a fantastic product. Here in Queensland you cannot avoid the dreaded fruit fly. Since finding the Ninja I have no more. It’s so simple, so affective and so affordable. So grateful”

                                                                               Lara Good, 02-12-2017

“Ordered a couple of these through Dan Murphys online and am so happy with the result! we stuck ours on the side of the rubbish bin and saw the flies going in straight away. within a week there’s barely any around. Ninja’s for the win!”

                                                                              Rinna Kato, 26-02-2018


“Absolutely love it. So effective and yet so simple. All natural, no smell and the flies disappear so quickly. And I should also mention great customer service as well.”

                                                                     Thomas Jacqout, 23-01-2018

“I have been using Fruit Fly Ninja for over a month now, and have found it to be an excellent deterrent to these relentless creatures. I have seen a very clear before and after difference, and feel much more comfortable leaving fruit outside of the fridge now, which had become almost impossible for me before. This is a highly effective product that I have no hesitation in endorsing!”

                                                                                  Lisa Lag, 17-01-2018

“Awesome products! Set up yesterday afternoon and came back to work this morning to find these results! Can’t wait to get my hands on more!!!”

                                                                  John Albert Harper, 15-12-2017