Fruit Fly Ninja: FAQ & Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Fruit Fly Ninja do?

Fruit flies are annoying and unsanitary. Sometimes people are even ashamed of them, and for businesses such as restaurants and supermarkets a fruit fly free environment is a must, otherwise customers walk away. We solve fruit fly issues with Fruit Fly Ninja: a small handy fruit fly trap with a sticker. This allows you to stick it where necessary, close to the problem area.

What makes Fruit Fly Ninja better than other fruit fly traps?

Fruit Fly Ninja has a unique position compared to other products, especially in the field of:

  • Effectiveness: the Ninjas are more effective, people often tell us that this is ‘the only suitable solution’.
  • Easy-to-use: our products are also designed for ease of use, which has resulted in the easiest and most user-friendly trap there is.
  • Ecology: the liquid is natural and the other components also have a minimal impact on the environment. We use biodegradable materials and we recycle used materials.
  • Discretion: the trap can be placed almost anywhere and is out of sight thanks to the handy adhesive tape.

Where should I place the fruit fly trap?

The best spot to place the Fruit Fly Ninja is close to the problem area, such as the garbage can or fruit trays. Garbage and especially old fruit attract many flies, so the chance of success in these areas is very high. Look around to see where your biggest problem area is, in supermarkets this is usually fresh produce and bottle return, and in the hospitality industry usually the beer tap and the packaging.

Is the liquid toxic?

No, the liquid is non-toxic and it’s even food-grade, which means it can come into direct contact with food.

What if my child has swallowed the liquid? No problem: the liquid is non-toxic and food-grade. And he/she probably won’t do it again: it doesn’t taste good. Just to be sure, let your child drink a lot of water in case the fluid is very old, this dilutes everything. Compare it with apple juice which can go bad.

Does the liquid in the Fruit Fly Ninja smell?
No, only if you sit right next to it. In principle, only fruit flies notice the Ninja.

Is the use of a Fruit Fly Ninja environmentally responsible?

Yes, we only use biodegradable parts or recycled plastics. Always try to return the waste separately. We are committed to minimizing the impact on the environment.

How does a Fruit Fly Ninja work?

The Fruit Fly Ninja simulates a feeding and breeding place which attracts the fruit flies into the bottle through the funnel. Once in the Ninja, the fruit fly can no longer find its way out and dies of exhaustion or old age. The Ninja contains no active substances that kill fruit flies, the trap works purely on a mechanical basis.

A Fruit Fly Ninja is very easy-to-use:
1) Remove the cap
2) Remove the foil from tape
3) Stick the Ninja close to the problem area
That’s it!


For maximum result with the Fruit Fly Ninja we advise you to follow our tips.

  1. Stick the Ninjas as close as possible to the problem area. On the trash can or above it. Near/in the fruit bowl or above it. The scent is slightly heavier than the air, so it will slowly spread out: larger attraction area.
  2. Dispose of the garbage, change all the garbage bags.
  3. Keep your fruit and vegetables in the fridge for the coming week.
  4. After catching most of the fruit flies, continue to use 1 fruit fly trap per week per location to nip new pests directly in the bud.
  5. Dry the yellow funnel of the bottle for an even faster result.
  6. Make sure the surface is dry and free of grease so the Fruit Fly Ninja will stick well.

Your best bet for the fruit flies to find the Ninjas is to complete steps 1 and 2. This way the fruit fly population has a big chance of getting caught!

We hope you will have a fruit fly free period 🙂

Note: You may have noticed some little black flies hovering over your herbal plants and flowers, or elsewhere in the house. These are not fruit flies and will not be caught by the Fruit Fly Ninja. In this case we recommend you use the Plant Fly Ninja.