Fly Ninja

Our Ninjas meet the highest quality standards and modern requirements. We not only offer ecological alternatives, we also ensure that our products are the best in their segment. We have achieved this by developing products that are intuitive, easy-to-use and affordable.

After all, our goal is: consumers make a conscious choice for our Ninjas and ignore polluting and/or chemical alternatives because they support our mission to green pest control.


The Fly Ninja is an effective and easy way to remove the nuisance caused by flies at home. How often do we encounter bluebottles and houseflies zooming around the house and making a nuisance of themselves. They never seem to be able to find the way outdoors, but constantly smash into the glass, even when the windows are wide open. The Fly Ninja can remedy this situation in an unobtrusive fashion.


The Fly Ninja is a discreet cardboard flycatcher and should be placed in the corner of a window. Flies trapped indoors are always looking for a way out and are attracted by UV light. They are looking to exit via the windows and consistently smash into the glass until they end up in the flycatcher.

1) Remove the foil from the small sticker
2) Place the Ninja in a corner of the window
3) Now remove the large foil

That’s it!


Place the Ninja in a corner of the window in such a way that you do not have to look at it all the time – behind the curtain, the blinds or behind a plant, for example.

A Fly Ninja lasts for three months.

The Fly Ninja is made of Kraft paper and can be discarded with the waste paper.

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