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Effective and durable pest control products, made from natural ingredients.

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Effective and sustainable pest control. Made of only natural ingredients, combined into
an innovative and user-friendly product design.

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Fruit flies?

Gone with the wind. Try our innovative and discrete fruit fly trap.

Fruit Fly Ninja


Snel bestreden. Bekijk onze slimme kleefval van gerecycled karton.


Plant Fly?

Catch them, you can! Check out our super attractive yellow sticky trap.

Plant Fly Ninja

I buy this product every summer. I hang one above the kitchen gutter and one above my dustbin. It does its job very well! I am very satisfied. I will be back.

Fantastic! These bottles work really well. Every summer we are bothered by those little fruit flies. We eat a lot of fruit and have a baby who gets fresh fruit every day, so the flies are very noticeable. As soon as we "stick on" a bottle, we are rid of them! We buy them every year. What a top product!

I had a swarm of fruit flies for a few days. It started with a dozen, but after about 3 days I think it became hundreds. I received the product, prepared it and less than an hour later there was already a bottom layer of flies in it! After 2 days I was completely rid of them. Highly recommended!

This is the best working article we have tested so far. Within a few days, the fruit fly infestation had completely disappeared.

About Super Ninja

Effective and sustainable pest control.

Super Ninja believes that sustainable and responsible pest control should be todays’ standard. Effective to remove nuisance, safe for people, pets, and the environment. Due to a lack of sustainable pest control products and as a result of his own frustrations, in 2014, our founder Ferdinand developed our first product: the Fruit Fly Ninja. While he was trapped at home with a knee injury - surrounded by fruit flies – he discovered how natural ingredients can be just as effective as chemical ones. Especially when combined into an innovative product design.

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Fruit flies, plant flies or silverfish? Super ninja to the rescue!

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