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Super Ninja lutte contre les désagréments causés par les insectes comme les drosophiles (mouches des fruits), les poissons d’argent et les sciarides (mouches de terreau), de manière écologiquement responsable. Nous proposons des produits écologiques au détail, respectueux de l’environnement, pour le plus grand plaisir des détaillants et des consommateurs.

Selon l’avis de nos clients, nos Ninjas sont écologiques, très efficaces, faciles d’utilisation et abordables.

Nous continuons d’élargir notre gamme de produits Ninja. Dans cette mission difficile, nous pouvons compter sur le centre d’expertise Wageningen University & Research et les nombreux acteurs du marché, qui non seulement soutiennent notre activité mais aussi notre impact dans la lutte contre les nuisances des insectes de manière responsable.



Fruit Fly Ninja evolves into Super Ninja

With the launch of new solutions also comes for us the need for a new company name and logo. The name Fruit Fly Ninja doesn’t cover our business appropriately anymore, but what does? Something that represents us as a whole, that stands for who we are as a team and a company, and crucially something in which our customers, suppliers and consumers can recognise us by. But what do we stand for? For products that actually work, regarding the most modern requirements. Meaning that they are not only very effective, but also environmentally conscious. And user-friendly of course, with a smile. So, all in all, super good. 

It’s with great pleasure and pride that we present you our new company name and logo, which incorporates all of our values.

The shield stands for the protection that we offer. This superior protection works on two levels: we protect both households and the environment. Our Ninjas protect households against pest nuisance, while also protecting nature from unnecessary waste and chemicals. 

Extra attention and consideration goes into the products that we deliver, a work process we like to name the “Ninja” process. Something that can be seen behind all of our products. 

Environmentally harmful chemicals are not used in our Ninjas, they work on a natural basis. This value is again emphasised in the soft lines and handwritten letters of our logo. 


Kind regards,
The Super Ninja team

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